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Planning Your Special Event

Plymouth State University presents this Flavours Catering Guide in partnership with Sodexo, your campus dining services provider. This guide has been developed to assist you in the planning and implementation of your special catered events. Sodexo is available for all catered events that occur on campus and fall under the educational mission of the university. Although this is by no means a comprehensive listing of our catering expertise, you will find a list of menu suggestions, prices and general policies as it relates to catered events here at Plymouth State University.

All catering orders are taken on line at Just click on the Catering Request Order Form and follow the instructions to place your order. In addition, our Catering Manager is available to respond to questions and concerns at extension #52379. Our catering department can also be reached from off campus at (603) 535-2379 but please remember that all catering requests must be made on the Catering Request Order Form and will not be accepted via fax, phone or e-mail. Our catering menu is also available on line at Once again our catering menu and prices are on line at If you are not affiliated with the University you must call the catering office to book an event.

We can accommodate any request, customized menus, utilize specific recipes and provide unique decorations. If you want something special, please do not hesitate to ask. We are always happy to oblige and make your event with us one to remember for years to come. Sodexo will always rise to the occasion and exceed your culinary expectations. That’s our promise to you.

Alcohol Service

It is the university’s decision that no hard liquor should be made available on campus. Beer, wine and sparkling wine are available for sale at catered events that meet the criteria set forth by the State of New Hampshire’s Liquor Commission. Sodexo holds the liquor license for Plymouth State University and is the only legal source for alcohol that is available in public spaces on campus.

We reserve the right to end alcohol service immediately if any patrons refuse to abide by New Hampshire liquor laws after being instructed to do so. The consumption of alcohol should never be the primary purpose or focus of an event and alcohol-free social events are strongly encouraged.


Catering is available for questions Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM–5:00 PM provided we are not already involved with a current function. In that case, we will get back to you within 48 hours.

When you book your function you will be asked for a PSU FOPAL number to invoice the function to and the educational purpose of your event. You must have a FOPAL number in order to have your function billed and place your order. Organizations without a PSU FOPAL number are subject to an 18% Service Charge and a 9% NH Rooms and Meals Tax. If you have any questions, contact Catering Services at 603-535-2379.

Building Access

If your event is in a building that is normally secure at the time of your function, it is the responsibility of the group booking the function to have the room opened one (1) hour before the function starts and secured one (1) hour after the function ends. Dining Services does not have keys for other buildings on campus.


A cancellation must be made at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance to ensure that no un-recouped costs will be incurred. If you fail to cancel an event, you will be billed the actual cost incurred by dining services as a result of the cancellation.

China Service

China service is included in all prices unless otherwise noted. We pledge to use green-ware paper goods to help promote a sustainable future for all non-china events.


Any catering equipment that is missing when Dining Services returns to pick up your function will be added to your invoice, as “missing equipment” and your group will be charged the cost of that item. Therefore, it is imperative to give Dining Services an accurate ending time for your function so that clean up can happen in a timely and efficient manner. Sorry, but we do not loan or rent equipment to groups or individuals that do not use our full catering services.

Emergency Closings/ Curtailed Operations

If the university is closed due to natural or man-made related emergencies (i.e. snow and ice), your function for the day will be automatically cancelled unless you call our catering department that day at 535-2379 to let us know your event will go on regardless.


Dining Services often uses flowers to enhance the food or beverage display for your catered event. Dining Services re-uses these arrangements and asks that they remain with the presentation. Certainly, we can get centerpieces for your particular event at your request for a minimal cost. These arrangements would be yours to do with as you please.


A guaranteed person count must be confirmed with the catering department forty-eight (48) hours before your event. We will prepare and set for five percent (5%) more than the guaranteed number to assist you in accommodating any last minute arrivals. However, you will be charged for the actual number of people or the guaranteed number, whichever is greater.


Linens and skirts are always complimentary for your food table. Linen is also included for all seating tables for buffets and served meals. Additional linens can be rented at $5.00 per cloth or $20.00 per cloth/skirt combo upon request (no discounts apply).

Minimum Orders

As Plymouth State’s food service contractor, Sodexo has the right of first refusal for all catered events on campus. Although there is no minimum order, the high cost of equipment and personnel dictate that any event delivered on campus must be billed out at a minimum of one hundred dollars ($100). Off-campus event minimums start at $400.00


We request that all catering reservations be booked at least five (5) days in advance. For larger groups, please allow as much time as possible so that we may order the product and schedule the personnel necessary to cater your event in the manner to which you have become accustomed.

Off-Campus Catering

All catering prices are costed out for on-campus catering paying with a PSU FOPAL number. Any outside groups that would like to have an event on campus or off campus are subject to an 18% Service Charge and 9% Rooms and Meals Tax.

Outside Groups

All outside groups are subject to an 18% service fee and New Hampshire 9% Meals & Room Tax on list pricing.


We offer full catering service or pick-up service. Pick-up service includes an additional ten percent (10%) discount off your entire invoice. If you choose this option, you may pick it up at the following address: 8 High Street; Prospect Hall; Plymouth, New Hampshire 03264. Please remember that you must return any “equipment” (i.e. trays, utensils, etc.) you picked up with your order within fortyeight (48) hours.


Pricing in our Catering Guide is for the professional catering services that we offer. Unless otherwise specified, all prices include administrative services as well as the cost of set-up and breakdown involving food and beverages. Service is included for all buffets and served meals unless otherwise noted. Also included are the basic linens and the appropriate service ware to make an attractive presentation of your catered event. Additional linen and skirting that are not for food related tables are available for rent. Please ask about available colors when ordering.

Prospect Hall

Students on the meal plan take first priority in Prospect Hall during the academic year. All spaces are available for catered events during the summer, spring break and Winterim. The Newfound Room is also available year round by reservation for breakfast events daily and for lunches and dinners on weekends. The Little Squam room is available any time by reservation. There is a minimal cost per person equal to the cash door price for any event booked during meal-plan service.

Room Bookings

You MUST have a confirmed room reservation before booking your catered event with Dining Services. At this time all room reservations for internal groups must go thru Reservations at 603-535-2722. External groups book their rooms through Conference Services at 603-535-3187. Functions located off campus or in rooms not usually associated with catered events may be subject to additional fees at the discretion of the Catering Manager.

Sales Tax

All groups on campus that order catering fall under the University’s educational mission and are therefore tax-exempt for all food and beverage purchases. However, some external groups that book thru conference services, groups receiving off-campus catering and all alcohol sales are the exception, as alcoholic beverages are always taxable in New Hampshire.


Hot buffets for groups of twenty-five (25) or more and all served luncheons or dinners include the price of all service personnel and attendants. Attendants for all other functions are billed out at twenty ($20.00) per hour. Please be advised there is a four (4) hour minimum for all service personnel and the number of personnel required to service a function is at the discretion of the Catering Manager. Also, all prices are based on no more than two (2) hours for any function. If the programming goes long and the crew is expected to stay for clean up, those extra charges may be added to your bill.

Tables/ Chairs/ Media Equipment

Tables and chairs for food presentations as well as non-food related items need to be ordered by you when booking the room. In addition, items such as coat racks, podiums, overheads and screens should be ordered at this time as well. We regret that Dining Services does not have a supply of tables or chairs and therefore we are not capable of handling these types of requests.


It is our policy to be ready and waiting fifteen (15) minutes prior to the starting time of your function and serve you promptly to insure that you get your order at the peak of quality. If you expect a delay in your catered needs for programming on your part, we must know in advance in order to maintain the high standards you deserve. All prices in this Catering Guide are based on normal operating hours of 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday while classes are in session. Functions booked outside this time frame may be subject to an additional charge in order to cover extra costs associated with the set-up and preparation of your function.